i used shampoo, and i'm not ashamed.

misombramisombra Registered Users Posts: 15
i've been shampooing my hair after over 8 months being shampoo free.

i don't use it to nearly the extent in general as i was using it before. i use it maybe twice a week and i use just a little on my scalp.

my scalp was itching like mad like i had piojos or something. so i used paul mitchell tea tree shampoo. it felt SO incredibly good.

washing with conditioner all the time made my hair really over conditioned. the build up was becoming too much for baking soda to get out by itself.

but like i say, i only do it once MAYBE twice a week and sometimes i just wash off really greasy parts.

anyway, just thought i'd tell you guys. feel free to further discuss this...


  • kaybeekaybee Registered Users Posts: 24
    yeah, I just started CG, but I've been feeling like my hair is over-conditioned. How do you not do that while still being CG? You had build up? Even with CG products? I really like not shampooing, but the OC'ing sucks, so it may not work out.
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  • miaDUMINACANmiaDUMINACAN Registered Users Posts: 16
    The same thing happens to me. So I poo occasionally sometimes I mix shampoo w/ condish.

    No poo, Deva brown, One C, Deva Leav in, BioSilk Rock Hard Gel and Diffuse!!!

    I am loving honey w/ ginsing miracle 8 as my treatment.
  • misombramisombra Registered Users Posts: 15
    thanks for replying. (replies are hard to come by in this forum). the shampoo helped with the over conditioning. however it makes my hair really dry, i have to put some hair oil on it and i can go about a week and a half maybe until i have to do it again.

    the shampoo i use is really nice, i haven't tried using the cheaper ones. i use paul mitchell tea tree shampoo. i suspect the cheaper ones probably wouldn't work as well, but who knows.

    i don't really co. wash in between much either, maybe some spot cleaning, but my scalp manages to stay clean for all that time, which didn't happen with co. washing.

    i haven't tried putting conditioner on my ends first like it says in the cg wavy hair part of the book, but i bet that would help with the dryness. i'll let you all know.

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