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I skimmed the first page for a spot to rant/rave but I didn't see one. Feel free to skip my post and ramble about your own hair. I honestly dont mind :hello2:

Sadly enough my first post is a rant. I like straight hair, I do. BUT I love my big curly fro and I miss it dearly thus my need to transition after 1 round with a relaxer. I find myself looking at pictures of my relaxed hair thinking how I loved the look. But I know I really dont love the look as much as I loved my natural curls. And it wasn't easy (being relaxed). Rollersetting my hair proved to be a task in itself. Although my hair isn't as long as I would like it to be my arms arent long enough to roll my hair. I will either have to commit to shorter hair or a stylist that I trust to style my hair as it gets longer. Meh... Man issue here is my yearn for straight hair. And I thought "Hey as a natural I could flat iron..." but then again I had heat damage that eventually pushed me over the edge to relax. *sigh*

I know its a rambling post. You dont have to comment or even read it. But feel free to use this spot as a rant/rave/random transitioning thoughts spot. :-)


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    I'm glad you started this thread and I look forward to reading the replies in the future.

    I've been having a similar struggle (although maybe a little different.) I've been transitioning for over a year now and my hair doesn't like to get straight anymore. I don't use any heat on my hair and haven't done so for over two years. So to get my hair straight without heat is really a hassle. It takes days of banding and it doesn't stay straight for long either.

    I've been thinking lately why I even feel the need to straighten my hair. I've accepted that I'll soon be natural but I guess a part of me still likes the straight, sleek look I use to have. Whenever a special occasion comes up such as holidays, birthdays or even church on Sundays, I feel compelled to straighten my hair.

    I realized that I was associating straight hair with "pretty." So now I'm trying to get that association out of my head. I need to replace that with... my natural texture is pretty and perfectly acceptable to wear everyday of the year. I'm glad I made the decision to transition, I wish I had done it sooner. This week I realized that I had a flaw in my thinking about my hair, lol.

    So thats my random hair thought.

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    Thanks for starting this thread dior_diva! It's much appreciated. My rant for today is: I need patience! I have about two inches of new growth. I think my last relaxer was in Jan. 09. My hair used to grow very quickly, but I've noticed in the last few years that growth has slowed down. I've always taken vitamins and I eat healthy, so I guess it's age? :?
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    i hate not being able to do any style without the difference in texture being astronomical. like last night i attempted a twist and curl....monumental FAIL. why do i even bother to try and master twists they never come out how i want them, am I doing them too big i dont know.
    on a more postitive note im getting better at french braids and they are kinda cute :)

    thanks for the chance to rant
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    I cowashed my hair last night and I used a coconut milk plus conditioner mix. I should have washed it out with some shampoo, but I didn't. Instead I rinsed it out several times. When I roller set my hair, I noticed that it was a bit greasy. I should have washed it out then, but noooo. I finished setting it, dried it and wrapped it for the night.

    Today, my hair is greasy :eek: and since I can't keep my hands out of my new growth, I can condition my hands with the extra moisture from hair.
    “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”
    Chinese Proverbs quote
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    I'm not far along in the transitioning process (month 3) and I'm already frustrated with the relaxed texture...I feel like it in the way of my curly NG!!! I'm trying to be patient because it's my intention to transition long term, but, some days I feel like I may BC sooner rather than later!!! Aarrrrgh! :angry1:


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    One of my internet friends BCed and her hair is so cute! I wish I had the guts to BC :-/
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    I WAS very excited about my transition progress, I have a couple inches of NG and i did a mini-chop. I was on cloud nine, only a little while longer until I reach my one year post relaxer goal so that I can BC. Then I realized that it hasn't even been even 4 months, waiting really sucks!!!

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    I agree. Waiting does suck

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    7 months post!! In one month I'll take my braids out and start dealing with my loose hair

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    I'm 8 months post relaxer and thinking about transitioning close to two years...BUT i get so anxious and every day I touch my new growth I'm ready to BC,lol. I try not to think about it, but its so hard. Maybe I can make it without bc'ing sooner.


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