Oops, transitioned for almost two (2) years

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:( Oops, transitioned for almost two (2) years, texturized my hair, now it's BONE straight, all that hard work, now what do I do???? I must admit it's kind of nice not to have to worry about the havoc humidity can wreak on my hair :lol:
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    You don't learn unless you try. The world is short on patience. You can still do double stand twist outs, braids outs and straw sets. Or maybe you can be bold and in 3-6 months and sport a short 'do. You can always get a weave of the hair you want.
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    what do you mean- now what do you do?
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    Thanks nappymd, your helpful ideas are greatly appreciated, on Saturday July 1, 2006 I took the electric razor and shaved off my ten inch growth, OUCH, starting over :D

    Blush, save it, thanks anyway...
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