My hair one month after going CG!

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:love1:I love my hair now! It is doing so much better! If you look at the photos I had before and the ones I have now you can see a difference....Just in one month! I am very happy now!:)
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    Out of curiosity, what products are you using?
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    Aww Thanks!:hello2:

    Giovanni 50/50 balance for right now. I just got my devacurl kit in and I want to try that but I don't like to waste. I use L.A. Looks for my styling gel and I use TX I believe is the name of my curl definer. Thanks for the reply! I am so excited to see how my hair keeps doing.
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    When I use the 50/50 balance I shampoo once a week, if I have to which I usually don't unless there is build up, and I condition. Most of the time I just use it as a co-wash. A lot of people think its drying but I don't really have that problem. I have really fine hair and it takes a lot to damage it. I bleached it twice and dyed it all in the coarse of two days. My hair was so bad! I finally cut all of that bad hair off in Oct. and I have been growing mine out. It was 8 inches of bad hair....I could have cried...well, I did, but I am so happy I did it though.
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    Looks great!
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