Clearing out my cabinets!

likorishlikorish Posts: 3Registered Users
I'm getting dreadlocks put in on Wednesday, so I'm looking to get rid of a whole lot of products. I'd rather not throw them away.

If you have any use for any of the following, please e-mail me. No swap necessary!

Salon Selectives Loosely Defined
Salon Selectives Control[d] Substance (hair putty)
Pantene conditioner for curly hair
Queen Helene Cholesterol Styling Gel (a huge bottle, only about 1/3 used)

I'll post more as I come up with them. I'm in Vancouver, so if you're in the area and want to come pick them up, feel free. First come, first served!
"Not just knee deep, she was totally deep" ~P-Funk
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  • rainshowerrainshower Posts: 4,420Registered Users

    If you can't find any takers, a local women's shelter would probably accept your product donations for their clients in need.

    It would probably be a little boost to their self-esteem if they can keep their hair looking nice, in spite of their desperate circumstances. Just a thought. icon_smile.gif Congrats on your dreds!
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  • likorishlikorish Posts: 3Registered Users
    This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for the suggestion, greencurl!
    "Not just knee deep, she was totally deep" ~P-Funk
    4b/a - dreadlocked

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