2c or 3a?

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My hair tends to form either spiral curls or ringlets at the bottom if I let it dry without putting any products in it. But what throws me off about it is that it doesn't curl very much on the top at all, it's more wavy. So I'm not sure if that would make my hair wavy or curly. What do you guys think?
Is there anyone out there that has hair that curls everywhere else except for the top that can help classify my hair?
I'll post a picture later if I can find one.


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    My hair does that, too. I say it's both! In any case, you can hang out in any hair board you like. You might find that a lot of people have multiple curl patterns on the same head.
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    When my hair air dries, it likes to form ringlets, when I diffuse, it likes to separate and it looks more like waves. The hair around my face is always ringlets. The hair on my crown is always waves. My hair has Dissociative Identity Disorder. :) Welcome to the crazy hair club!

    The best advice I got on these boards was to scrap my hair "type" and focus on texture, porosity, etc. and stalk people with hair like mine. That's what I've been doing and it's worked out so far for me! Good luck with your quest for fabulous curly hair!!!!!!!!!!!!
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