Limpy, Wimpy & Frizzy

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I just read the messages about Summer frizz, but man! Mine was HOPELESS today!! It was nearly 100 degrees here, but I was stuck in the office all day so I was safe from the Wash DC heat/humidity - I just don't get it!!

This morning I did my usual CO wash - I ususally use Suave M&H, but today I used the Suave Aloe - then poured some ACV over the condish and rinsed then added some more condish to the ends - then smoothed on the ReCoil and AnGell (nothing out of the ordinary for me). The only really different thing I did was skip the plop and head straight for the bus!

I guess I'm just totally surprised by the lifelessness of my hair today. I've been a modified CG for about a year but haven't figured out what exactly works for me. My hair is fine, thin and wavy. Does anyone else use the Suave Aloe? I probably need to switch to a lighter condish in the Summer.

Thankfully I had a claw clip in my purse and was able to mask my mess, but I'm sure the back of my head was quite pathetic looking to my co-workers!!! I might just French braid it tomorrow...
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