Which way does your hair grow?!

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My hair is growing like a weed and I'm soooo happy!!! But...... it's growing in a mullet! The back is growing long and it is starting to get some hang, but the front and the sides seem to be growing sooo slow, so it really does look like I'm growing a mullet. So I'm curious to know how everyone else's hair grows. Does one side grow longer than the other? Is there one place that's growing like a weed and another place that's barely there? Just curious...
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    oh the beloved mullet...the back of my hair seems to grows way faster than the rest. i think because it's less curly than the rest. but it grows about the same rate as the rest of my hair. the left side is thinner than the right side. and my 4a patch grows out about 1.5 inches before it falls while the rest of my hair grows down from the scalp
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    The left side of my head has more hair and body than the right side of my head but the hair length on boths sides are the same.I think it is so weird.

    My hair at the front seems longer than the hair at the back and I think it is because my hair at the front is looser.
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    I cut it about two months ago...and I notice the back is nearly reaching the nape of my neck, whereas the front is shorter. The sides are almost the same length as the back, but the back does grow the fastest...weird, maybe cause it's looser.
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    My hair also grew in as a mullet. I got it cut a few months ago though, after putting up with it for over a year. Now it's growing even all around.

    The pros of cutting it totally outweighed the cons in my situation, though. My hair looks shorter, but now my curls are coils again, and not s-waves, and it looks and feels SOOOO much better. The mullet was just not a good look.
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    When I first BC'd it was growing in a mullet. Now... the hair near my ears grows the fastest so I have to use hairclips to pin my hair back or it looks ~weird. The part near my neck was growing the fastest during my 2nd-3rd month, but now everything is catching up. For the longest time the front of my hair was super short but it's grown a lot :]

    I think it eventually ~evens out after awhile
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    yea, my hair is pretty mullet like, but i dont care....i rarely wear my hair out anyway. my sides are nowhere near as long as the back, so i just keep it up. it all started to grow down like 6 months ago.
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    My beloved mullet...
    The object of my obsession

    First of all I have a beautiful mullet. I'd make people from New Hampshire proud. Its looser (3a) than any other section of my hair. I was told that if I cut it I will have a mullet again in a few months so why bother.

    Here is my problem though, when I flatiron my hair the mullet is gone. I go back and forth too much from curly to straight to justify the cutting of my beloved mullet. We have a :angry2: love hate relationship :-? but for ME cutting it won't work because I will have weird straight hair. Ponytails all the way for me :thumbup:
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    I've just resorted to always pushing my hair back with headbands, scarves, hair clips, etc so that you can't really tell that I have a mullet. Oh I dream of the days were the sides of my hair grow so I can wear it out and not look like Joe Dirt!!!
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    My front and crown seem like they grow faster than my back. But I also have much tighter coils in the back than the front so I think it just feels and looks that way but is probably growing at the same pace as the rest of my head.
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    I think I have the opposite problem. Because my hair's curl pattern is looser on top my hair grows like a mushroom. So not cute.
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    Upwards and out to the sides. Never down. I think the length is pretty even all over. Also, I think my texture is changing/has changed. I remember having loose spirals now I it looks like medium waves. I cut off the relaxed ends of a section in the back, to see if the waves was due to my hair being weighed down by the relaxed ends. Nope. I have mostly medium waves and some clumps spiral at the end. It's not the best situation for detangling but its nice to look at.
    I think once your hair grows out a bit, its true form while emerge. For now, I look like Crusty the Clown, according to my sister. In a year I will have Mya/Kelis length and shape (hopefully).
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    mine seems to all grow at the same rate, but it appears to be longer in the back, as some blasted lady put horrendous layers in my hair years ago, and they're still there. my hair also seems to grow out before it goes down, but i'm not entirely sure, as my hair has never been shorter than to my shoulders.....