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Hi everybody- I am asking for my friend. She has baby fine, very thin wavy hair- probably a 2c-3a, color every once in a while, cut to her chin, very cute little do' when it is curly. She also is very oily. Must Shampoo every day. She usually wears it straight, although with the humidity in south alabama it always curls up very soon after styled. So i am asking what products people with similiar hair have had success with wearing their hair curly. Good moisturizers that don't weigh hair down? Good shampoo? Good styling? I have no clue. I appreciate any help! Thanks


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    um that was me who just posted that- not sure why it posted as a guest- that was weird- sorry! Just wanted to put a name to the question thanks
    :sunny:3B- anywhere from sidewalk chalk to straw sized! High Porosity and fine, low density

    Day 1
    Shea moisture high porosity cowash
    shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl conditioner 
    DevaCurl Frizz Free Foam

    Day 2
    spritz with oil wonders volume rose conditioner diluted with water and rescrunch
    one squirt of frizz free foam

    Deep Treatment:
    Shea Moisture High Porosity masque
    aphogee keratin and green tea protein spray

     Currently in recovery from too much bleach and chronic heat styling. 

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