Is No Poo Drying Anyone Out?

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Hello ladies,

I've been on a modified no-poo routine for about 3 months, and the first few times that I CO-washed my hair looked great! Now it seems to be dry, dull and tangled. The effects are pretty much like I washed with a sulfate shampoo. I CO wash once a week, no sulfate shampoo once a week and rarely wet my hair in between time. Any theories on what happened? Are there any suggestions for good Conditioners to wash with?

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    I would say you need to wet your hair more often.

    I read once that curly hair needs water and without it for too long it can dry and break. I read that in Oprah's hairdressers book-what's his name- Andre, I think. However, I'm a newbie, maybe a veteran curly hair can be more helpful, but that's my take.
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    I'm new here but I've been doing the no shampoo thing for several years. I started it because my hair was so dry and I couldn't find anything that helped. The no shampoo routine has worked really well for me. I've found that if my hair feels dry I've probably been using a conditoner or styling product that contains silicones. It seems that every once in a while I manage to buy something and not see the dreaded cones in the ingredient list but invariably my hair starts getting frizzy and kind of dry feeling after just a few days of use. So my suggestion would be to look through all your products and make sure you aren't using anything with ingredients that can build up on your hair.

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    Also your hair needs loooads of moisture to be in tip top condition. As curlyheads our hair gets dry and quick. Right now I am needing to Co-wash daily due to the damage I've done to it (poor hair :( ) Even a quick spirtz of water in the morning over your hair will do it some good.

    HTH :wink:
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    Maybe your protien sensitive?
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    Thanks ladies,

    I believe it is the cones and I do need to wet my hair more often!
    3c/4a, thick cottony/silky little spiral curls. Loves moisture, hates

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