2c Short Hairstyle Pics??

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So I'm thinking about cutting my hair shorter for the summer. It's gotten crazy long, which I love, but maintenance is getting to be a pain. It's hard to get product all through my hair and it takes forever to dry. So I'm thinking of going pretty short with it...like to the shoulders or higher short. But since my hair is very thick, I have no idea how it would respond to being that short. So...any 2c's with some pics you could post so I can see? I've tried googling some images, but all the pictures are very obviously not natural curls, and I'd like to get an idea of what my hair would actually look like. Thanks!
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    Hi! I'm currently growing my hair out after getting the worst bob ever. It's just past shoulder length when it's wet, and I have a lot of layers and long bangs for the odd day when I decide to straighten it. My shortest layers hit the bottom of my ears (not quite chin-length) and my bangs are about an inch shorter than that.

    To style it I just put a little volumizing mousse and a bunch of gel and then plop for 10-20 minutes, then clip or pixiecurl diffuse depending on time.

    EDIT: My pic is what my hair looks like with that cut right now. I got in a fight with my computer and it wouldn't let me upload a picture. I'm pretty sure it was a user error :D
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    I have a short bob, not sure if you are wanting to go this short.
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    There is a thread in the general discussion board called Curly bobs unite. I'm sure there are tons of helpful pics in there.
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    WW - I love your hair cut, so cute!
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    thanks for the responses y'all! i finally decided to chop a good bit off. maintenance was getting crazy, and when i was cleaning out my room i found a picture from a few years back when my hair was short and curly-it was adorable. unfortunately, my hair isn't curling the way it did then. i thought maybe freeing up the weight might make it curl more. but i'm giving it time, and for now, it still looks cute even though it is not what i expected. and so much healthier and shinier than it was before. :)
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