What Style for Work?

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Hey, everyone...

I haven't had a relaxer since Nov/Dec 08. Not really on purpose, but just because I didn't see the point. Now, I am definitely for going natural, but I can't figure out what to do with my hair since I'm not even using heat on it and I wear a ball cap as part of my work uniform.

I tried doing one braid, and that kind of worked, but I don't want to cause any breakage. Should I just wear a bun of some sort?

I tried uploading pics, but they are too large for the forum. So they are on my blog, Confessions of a Mixed Chick.

Thanks in advance.


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    Your hair looks as though it would be easy to put into a simple bun.

    Have you tried using a little oil (like jojoba oil) and water and putting your hair in a pony tail? You can tuck the pony tail under itself and have a nice sleek style.

    Hope it works for you:hello2:
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    Thanks for looking at the pics and for your suggestions.

    The only oil I have right now is kemi oil, and I haven't used it lately. What I've done the past couple of days is just spray it with the KC spritz pull it back into a ponytail.

    The trick is getting the ponytail through the back of my cap without it getting caught on the velcro. I've been trying to get a visor to replace my ball cap, but they're slow going on that.
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    i wish i knew how to do more with my hair too, the only style i can do is box braids and they could look better.
    But today oooh my, i'm so proud of myself i was going to make a thread then realised i was just abit overexcited. so i'm posting here because i think it may be a good style for your situation.

    so the style is...2 french braids, my hair is way too thick for one but thats also an option. the hair goes all the way to the bottom of your neck so i think fitting a cap over it will be easy and it looks quite neat and pretty even if they dont look exactly well done, Its like just use a brush to neaten up the edges (if you used them) i got the how-to from a you-tube video but its essentially 2 very large cornrows, if you know how to do them...which i dont:angry2:

    yea I think this'll be my staple style for a while..add a few accessories and ...voila :laughing2:
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