Can't stop touching my hair...

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Hello ladies...I desperately need your help.
I decided to grow out my relaxer 2 months ago but my last relaxer was in January. So, for the past 2 months my hair was under a sew-in weave and I finally took it off two weeks ago.
Since then I'm in love with my new growth, I really really love them but my problem is I can't take off my hand from my hair especially in the back.
I start to transition on such short hair that the hair in my nape area is almost natural and I love the texture, it's so kinky/coily.
What can I do to stop touching it cause I don't want to end up with a bald spot.

Ps: I'm an ESL girl so sorry in advance for the mistakes that I had or will made.

French curly misses Canada so much ...Let's see if I can find some great products in France... So far:
Co-wash: Sandy detangling balm (so cheap but sooooo great)
Rinse out: Syoss Après shampoing cheveux secs et abimés
Leave-in: S-curl activator, ysiance crème de soin sans rinçage
Styling: AVG
Want to try: ecostyler,long aid activator gel, butters...


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    Put it in braids for a bit, that would help
  • Nichole23Nichole23 Posts: 57Registered Users
    lol, Dont worry too much. Its perfectly fine to fall in-love with your curls and coils. I like to feel mines up too. As long as you're not rubbing a sore spot in your scalp, you should be fine!

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