need tips please

becca8781becca8781 Registered Users Posts: 57
so lets just say i got a bad hair cut couple days ago hair was long and girl just chopped it off. now i need tips on how to grow hair nice healthy and fast so i won't feel inclined to straighten it all the time which is something i never do but i can't stand to look at my hair.


  • PrettycurlsPrettycurls Registered Users Posts: 1,482
    Hello Becca,

    I am sorry about the bad haircut. I think we have all been there.

    The thing is there is no one way to grow out hair.

    Some people take supplements and some people use topical aids like oils, sulfur, etc...

    One tip I can give you is to do all you can to prevent breakage while you are growing out.

    Browse some of the threads and you will get some ideas.
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  • CaleilaniCaleilani Registered Users Posts: 728
    If you can,try to lay off the straightening alot.Patience is key,we've all been there.Keeping your hair moisturized and taking supplements will help with your growth.HTH.
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