What should I use???

Hey guys! I need some new hair products and I was wondering what has worked for ya'll.
~My hair is 3c, almost tighter in the front but more of a 3b in the back.
~When curly it is about at my collar bones.
~My is pretty dry and has been pretty tangled lately(I got it trimmed prob a month ago)
~I live in TX, so it's very humid and my hair is often pretty frizzy
~I've been using Garnier Fructis curl shampoo/conditioner and Curls Rock scrunch gel, curl boosting spray, and Foxy Curls mousse

Thanks for any advice! I'm open to any brand/type of products! Can't wait to see the replies :)


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    My hair prefers the more natural products, like the ones in my signature. If your hair tangles, you might really like the AfroDetangler. It looks like it will be heavy, from the ingredients, but it isn't. Since my hair doesn't tangle, I use it as a leave in or curl enhancer.
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