got my hair cut yesterday wish i didn't

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so i really wanted a hair cut i wanted something different a little shorter for summer and i just wanted it to grow out long and healthy. couldn't really afford the salon i really wanted to go to so my mom and i went some place else. i told the girl if you cut it really short it is going to poof and get really curly. she washed my hair first then cut it and she cut it at angles. she then diffused my hair a little and added some product. she told me to try and fingerstyle my can't really fingerstyle my curls they do what they want. needless to say i absolutely hate my hair cut i think it shorter in the back and longer in front which i absolutely hate. she took away almost all my layers. my mom and dad like i hate it and i couldn't stand to look at it today so i straightened it which is something i do one in a million years just because i love my curly hair.


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    So sorry you had such a terrible experience. :(

    Hopefully some of the shorter hair curlies will have some suggestions on styling for you so you won't have to straighten.
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    Ah that sucks. Stick to the places you trust. I've had two horrible cuts because I've tried elsewhere. Lost my waves. They think they know your hair and ugh. I'm with you on growing it out long and healthy. How short is it anyway? I'm sure you have curlier hair than me. But short curlies are beautiful. :]
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    sorry you had that experience. unfortunately, i think every single curly has had that experience.
    just use a lot of moisturizing products. products are 50% of it, the cut is the other 50%.
    for me, i do go to an expensive place, but he is soooo good i only need to get a haircut once every 4 months. if you look at annual costs, it comes out waaaay less. my friend who has pin straight hair gets her hair cut locally for way less money, but goes every 5 weeks or so, and it turns out she pays more per year than i do. people may be surprised at the cost of a good haircut, but when you do an annual cost, it is almost always cheaper.
    so maybe you can save your money while it is growing out.
    just keep using good products in your hair, deep conditioning it, let it air dry without touching it. the good thing is that it will grow.

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