Help! Stringy 2c/3a hair.

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I've got really thick 2c/3a hair. Most of the time, my hair gets all stringy and blah. But sometimes, like now, my hair has nice curl clumps. I honestly do not know how to get and keep these clumps. Any suggestions as to how I can keep my hair nice and clumpy?


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    Well, you've definitely articulated what so many of us are trying to achieve.... and there's a million factors: humidity, products used, how they're applied, etc.

    Your answer is almost too "big" to answer with one answer.....

    I'd recommend starting with some of the introductory material that's available for newcomers to the website (there are a lot of basic care and styling tips, for example. Just look go back to the table of contents that lists all the different different forums).

    You could also use the search tool (on the tool bar at the top of this page) and look for a thread called "The Science of Clumping." (I think that's the name. It came out some time in the last couple of months, so it should come right up in a search).

    Once you start pulling on the thread, so to speak, you'll see that it leads you all over the place!

    There's probably no ironclad guarantee for no stringy days (yeah, I know for a fact there isn't!). But there are definitely a lot of ideas to head you in the right direction.

    Good luck!

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    I definitely agree with wavycurly on the research. She pointed you in a great direction. I'll post you a link for the icequeen method as I have it saved in my favorites. I never get better clumps than when I do this.
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  • disinteresteddisinterested Posts: 5Registered Users
    Thanks for the advice!

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