Deva/Ouidad haircuts?

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Have any of the wavies here had Deva or Ouidad haircuts? Was it worth the cost? I'm debating getting one as my fine wavy hair is driving me crazy. It doesn't seem to look good if I let it go wavy or blow it straight as doesn't wave enough or looks too thin. However the cuts seem to be pretty expensive, so I'm not sure if I should or not. Also any thoughts on Deva trained stylists vs. Ouidad ones? There are both in my area so I wanted to see what people preferred. Thanks!
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Poo- giovanni 50/50, Co-wash- VO5 Pomegranate Strengthening, Styling-??? Can't quite figure that out, tips appreciated! Trying Jessicurl soon!


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    I love my Deva stylist and she is worth every penny. It has made such a difference in my wavy hair. Did you check out the salon link to see the reviews on those salons near you?
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