When is KCCC going to be resold???? :(

Does anyone know why curl mart isn't selling [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] right now???? Are they just out for now or is it going to be a few weeks or months until it comes back?? I LOVE that stuff and am running low and there is no way I can survive without it!!!! I tried ordering it off their web site but it wanted me to use pay-pale and my dad didn't want to use that.. so does anyone have any suggestions or info about when its coming back? Thanks!!!!
Thick 3a hair that I am still learning how to manage! :toothy7:

normally I condition with suave naturals conditioner and then put in Knot Today Leave in conditioner and KKKC
plop for 15-20 min
air dry
put in LA Looks Gel or Biotera Gel during the day

Pics of my hair...
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    see here:
    you can buy it from: rickys nyc or
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    A regular credit card can be used on the Kinky Curly site; a pay pal account is not needed. I think she uses pay pal to process credit cards. Why didn't your dad want you to use pay pal?
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    since the reviews for KC website shipping time was bad and storm sister spatique were good i would suggest them. she replied ot all my questions with in and hour on a friday night... i think i will order from them