How to not ruin your hair when exercising??

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I did do a search for it I promise!

But Im having the best hair day today (re: my new fsg from BB!!), and I reallly dont want to ruin it by tying it up. :crybaby:But I also, really need to do my workout (although, trying my hardest to procrastinate, hence the post:roll:)!

Anyone have a particular way they put their hair up while exercising so that it doesnt ruin it? I usually lose my curl if I tie it up, not to mention the sweating!

I really dont wanna lost this hair today!! :pale:
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    I've had the same dilemma as you in the past - workout or keep my great hair? :lol:

    I pineapple and shower while it is still up. I don't even care how it looks running around the gym looking like Pebbles. ;) If I just pull it back into a ponytail it comes out looking like cuh-rap.
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    What works for me is to loosely put mine under a baseball cap, with no hair ties involved.


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    Thanks for your suggestions!
    I might try the pebbles look for this workout since I dont have a baseball cap ( I have a ridiculously small head that just doesnt fit caps :( )... I wonder if a satin sleep cap thing would work too though? Shame I dont have one of them either!
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    I use an extra-wide hair claw (like this: /home/leaving?" class="Popup ) and that works alright. I usually sweat so much that I feel like I need to cowash after my workouts though. If you don't feel like you need to wash your hair, putting it up loosely in a pineapple or a claw might work.

    If it's a little frizzy or messed up, I'd then coat my hands in water and a light conditioner (or a leave-in) and scrunch my hair to encourage the curls back to their natural state. You might also need to spray your hair with some water if it's super frizzy or messed up. But this way, you aren't completely re-weting your hair. HTH!
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    I'm totally glad you asked this question because I'm having the same dilemma -- and avoiding the gym as a result!

    The pineapple solution (sounds like a good movie title!) has worked best for me so far but it isn't always ideal. I have one of those giant claw clips that Quirky Yogini suggested so maybe I can try that, too.

    It really is a problem!
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  • Jessica-OxJessica-Ox Posts: 3Registered Users
    whats a pinapple :S
  • Jess the MessJess the Mess Posts: 5,844Registered Users
    Jessica-Ox wrote: »
    whats a pinapple :S
    I put "what is a pineapple" in the Google search function at the top of the page and this popped right up. HTH

    Maybe a loose bun would work. I can put my hair up in one for a while and still not lose my curl.
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  • CurlyCoreanCurlyCorean Posts: 64Registered Users
    Sorry, not much advice to give, but at least you're not a guy =/ I can't do much at all.
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  • CurlyEyesCurlyEyes Posts: 2,983Registered Users
    My hair bounces along behind me.

    I'm told it's great entertainment, but probably not helpful for longer hair. Side pony or stretchy headband is what I usually do.
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  • kazza186kazza186 Posts: 87Registered Users
    Hmmm, ok, so I went for the pineapple look, and it worked pretty well. I did have to do the whole wet hands with product and scrunch thing, and it did look less curly and a little frizzy but.... I've even managed to get second day hair!!! So thats exercise and sleep it survived!
    Think I might look out for a satin sleep cap thingy and try that next. Luckily I exercise at home mostly so nobody will see me!
    Thanks everyone!
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