How can I get these hairstyles

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So I have looked around this site many times and read the threads. Could some one tell me how to get one of these styles:

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I have like 3b hair that is coarse but sometimes it looks like 3c. Also my hair is black and I have olive tan skin (biracial) and I'm thinking about highlighting my hair



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    the first look appears to be his natural curls. cut to style and possibly dried with a diffuser and a little gel for hold.

    the second seem clear to be styled with a little bit of either spike gel, wax, pomade etc. and ran thru with fingers like a comb, causing it to straighten out a bit.
    3b here 4a there 3c everywhere
    talk about a mix up :toothy10:

    elevator doors open...

    random girl: ohhh, you have curly hair

    elevator doors begins to close...

    random girl's friend:i think he knows that already

    elevator doors close...