$100 MAC giftcard...

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What to buy for a makeup virgin?

I've never worn makeup before...my mother, in a desperate attempt to get me started, got me this $100 giftcard for the MAC store.

I don't even know where to start...honestly, the whole makeup thing is so overwhelming, it puts me off from learning how to do it.

What are the essential makeup stuff you need? With 100 bucks what should I buy? I don't like makeup that is caked on or clownish. I just want to know the simple stuff that a beginner should know.

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    Do they do applications at the Mac store? Have someone try some makeup on you and see what you like. Ask them to do a basic daytime look...neutral eye, blush and lip colors.
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    without knowing your skin tone, i can't give you more details but here are the MAC basics that suit lots of people:

    eyeshadows - Mulch, Naked Lunch
    eye pencil - Teddy
    lipsticks - Viva Glam 5, Hug Me or Syrup
    lip glosses - Viva Glam 5, Oh Baby, Nymphette
    blush - Buff or Margin

    with those colours, you can do a simple face for day and add more as needed for night.

    if your skin is in good condition and you're just looking for a polished look, i highly recommend Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade suiting your skin tone.

    DON'T buy - their brushes - i've posted other sites for getting brushes online that are just as good for half the price!

    DON'T buy - their mascara - it's nothing special and others are cheaper.

    let me know if you're interested in any special colours or need any other info on the line.
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    Thanks ladies! I'm about to head out now to the MAC store. I'll keep the tips in mind about the mascara/brushes!

    Hopefully I won't look like a clown when I come back, lol.
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    so.... what'd you buy???

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    Sorry I'm late on this one. Wanted to tell you how much I love their tinted moisturizer. I hate caked on make-up and this stuff is great. Covers without feeling heavy and perfect for summer use. I live by their blending eyeliner in charcoal and every one of their eyeshadows are great. Can't wait to hear how it went.
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    Sooooo I went today and got my "makeover."

    Daaaaaaaaaaaayum, $100 goes by quick at that store! The friggin brush the makeup lady conned me into buying was $42!!!!

    I ended up buying:

    Mineralize Skin Finish ($25)
    187 Brush ($42)
    Woodwinked eye shadow ($14.50)
    Vibrant Grape eye shadow ($14.50)

    She used the mascara, blush, lip gloss (too expensive for my $100 budget) for the whole "look."

    It was really nice! As I walked out of the store, literally, 3min later some shop lady complimented me, "You're a very pretty girl!" LOL! It was really cool! Anyway, this whole makeup thing has me excited.

    I'm going to buy the blush and mascara elsewhere! I'm thinking some place CHEAP, like Sally's Beauty Supply, maybe? Do they even carry makeup?

    ETA: I was warned about the brushes, wasn't I? I felt conned at the store but I got caught up in the "makeover glow" y'know? Thanks guys!
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    Nice haul.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed with the 187. One of my alltime favourite brushes. I have two so I can just leave one in my travel stuff.

    I use it for foundations, MSF (mineralized skin finish) and sometimes blush.

    There are tons of drugstore brands for much cheaper. If you have access to NYX, it has some great colours and decent quality. If not, there are tons more.

    Have fun experimenting!
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    Milani makes MAC knock-offs!

    and, yes, i did warn you about the brushes!!!


    but i'm so glad to know you had a positive experience and liked it. Woodwinked is one of my favourite colours.
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    Nice! I don't think it was a mistake to get the brush. You need a really good brush to apply mineral makeup and Mac brush are really good and last forever. Plus, I think it would be tough for a novice to go into an art supply store and know what to get.

    Enjoy your makeup!
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    Ooohh... I want Vibrant Grape lol I've been staring at the Style Warrior face charts all night. :laughing2:

    I lot of people loooove that 187, so I don't think you'll be disappointed. :D
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