Cut it! or Grow it!

so i've been trying to grow my hair out forever. after having a baby, my hair is now what i'd consider long. the thing is, i'm not happy with it at all. i feel like i just look frumpy. i've lost my spunky cut style. i've tried getting layers cut in, and while it made it less of a triangle cut, it still looks frumpy to me. i don't want to be one of those people with it constantly in a ponytail, but i'm leaning towards that now because it just doesn't look nice down. my upper layers don't want to curl, i've lost all of my volume, and it just looks like i'm clinging to something that isn't working for me.
i thought about trying to get my "spunk" by changing the color up, but i don't have the money to maintain that anymore. my extra cash goes to diapers and daycare...
another thing that bothers me about this length that i totally forgot about is the shedding. it's SO obvious how much hair you loose a day. i find my hair EVERYWHERE. owen's diapers. owen's fingers. clumps in teh shower. all over my clothes. i know i shed more now that i'm not pregnant, but damn this is annoying...
i just want to feel good about myself and my hair again....
i don't have any pictures of it long....but i have pictures in there of it short. just picture it longer, with bangs, and not as curly...kinda hangs there...less volume
so, i ask you....
cut it? or grow it?
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  • curlicious3bcurlicious3b Posts: 458Registered Users
    I dunno...You said you've tried layers. Were they long layers? Maybe you could get short layers cut in to get volume. I would cut all of my hair a few inches, then cut in the layers. That will give more shape and get rid of the "frump". What have you been doing to get volume now?
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  • itsjustmeghanitsjustmeghan Posts: 652Registered Users
    i'e done both long layers, and just recently got the shorter layers cut in, thinking it would get rid of the triangle and give me more volume. it took care of the triangle, but i don't have any more volume then i had before...well maybe a little. it's just not spunky or "fun". it's just longer hair. i guess i want fun hair or long gorgeous hair. the thing is, i'm wondering if i got it super long again, if i would think it's gorgeous or not since i won't have the volume and bounce.....
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  • KurleeKurlee Posts: 1,354Registered Users
    I voted cut it. :)

  • sariroosariroo Posts: 1,958Registered Users
    I vote cut it because your hair looks supercute when it is short!
  • kimmyckimmyc Posts: 551Registered Users
    You do look awesome with short hair and it really makes your eyes stand out. I voted cut it! What the heck, you can always decide to grow it again in the future if you're so inclined. Owen is adorable!!!! :D
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  • ColochaColocha Posts: 344Registered Users
    I voted to grow it!! Although it all depends if you feel comfortable with long hair... you´ll look nice!
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  • itsjustmeghanitsjustmeghan Posts: 652Registered Users
    i think i'm going to try growing it hormones are all over the place :oops:, and i don't want to make any rash decisions...

    plus, we just moved, and our new house has a water my hair is behaving quite differently now, and i think i'm overdoing it on the products because i'm used to fighting the weighted down hair due to hard water deposits. now, i think less is more, because my hair gets weighted down by product instead.
    this morning, i used a little less of everything, and my hair looks pretty darn good. more volume. more curls overall...

    i think i just need to have the patience to get past this'll start hanging long behind my shoulders more, and it'll be a beautiful cascade of curls...

    if the good curls hold up, i'll take pictures tonight so you guys can see how long it is now....

    nice to know i look cute with the short hair, though! :wink:
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    I am going to go against the grain and say grow it long. My kids are 13 months apart and when they were both babies I was soooo tempted to cut it but decided to go another route. I grew mine longer and found a bunch of cute & easy up-dos and wear it up most of the time to keep everything(and everyone)out of it. When I go to work or go out for grown up times I wear it down. It feels wonderful and the really neat part is most people dont realize how much hair I have so its almost like an accessory for me and I get tons of compliments on it.
    I think you will be glad you decided not to cut it off,if you have a good routine already its not really that much more of a time investment :^)
    Good luck whatever you decide...your son is soooo cute!
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    I do think you looked hiipper/funkier with the short hair.
  • curlykristincurlykristin Posts: 55Registered Users
    I vote cut! I have been growing my hair out for while now because so many people have such pretty long curly hair, but this past week it was looking ugly so i cute some shorter layers in the top, and some long bangs that curl up to just below my eye. Before it was just hanging there, it looked all country to me. Now it is sticking out all over my head and I love it. I have come to the conclusion that i just look better and feel better about my hair when it is wilder looking. You sound like you feel funkier with your hair short and you feel good like that so i say go for it :D It makes a big difference! Every day has been a good hair day since thursday.
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