Razoring? What the HECK?

relentpersistxrelentpersistx Registered Users Posts: 34
I think I'd be classified as a 2B..with a few 3A curls in random spots.
I used to only have to just...put some scrunching crap and in and just run out the door. It'd form like this:

And then a week ago, I got my hair razored. It looks REALLY good when it's straight. And it doesn't take THAT long for me to straighten it, but dangit, I really like my waves/curls ;[


And now it won't do it's thing anymore. I don't know WHAT is wrong with my hair, but no matter what I do, it has NO volume, no..even-ness everywhere..it just hangs there.
Does this have to do with the razoring?
What can I DO? Products? Something? GAWD!
Btw, everyone has such AMAZING curls, I'm so jealous!


  • OctoberBaby02OctoberBaby02 Registered Users Posts: 105
    I think razoring wavy or curly hair is a terrible thing! I had my hair razored a while ago, and it wrecked my hair! I told the stylist that my hair does not work well with razoring. She insisted it was the best thing to do to get rid of the bulk of my hair. But that's not what I wanted! So now I just have them put in long layers because with the razoring my ends are all jagged and my hair doesn't lay right. Try to grow it out a little and then have the ends trimmed up with regular scissors. HTH :)
    |~*~Carly~*~ |24 yrs old|Type 2C hair|
  • relentpersistxrelentpersistx Registered Users Posts: 34
    Ahh thank you so much.
    Another thing..I just CAN'T blow dry my hair or anything like that, and I kept trying to do that. Today my hair..did ok, haha. It's just annoyed and weird to deal with.
    Plus I think this might have to do with the fact that I used conditioner two days in a row. Not good for my hair..
  • OctoberBaby02OctoberBaby02 Registered Users Posts: 105
    Why can't you blow dry it? Does it look really bad when you try to wear it wavy? What products have you been using, and do you use a lot of silicones? Also what's your hair texture (fine, medium, coarse)? Sorry about all the questions. I am just trying to figure out how to help! :)
    |~*~Carly~*~ |24 yrs old|Type 2C hair|
  • relentpersistxrelentpersistx Registered Users Posts: 34
    When I wear my hair straight, I blow dry it and THEN straighten it and it looks really good.
    But if I use my diffuser...then it gets..iono, really PUFFY and gross looking. I'm better off just letting it dry naturally.
    It doesn't look bad when it's wavy, I just don't have a lot of uniform waves in my hair and it looks kinda odd unless I scrunch it and put some curls in.
    I've been using the Garnier Soft Curl Cream and Fructis Style Curl Shaping Spray Gel. Then afterwards I use some random L'Oreal Shine Spray, and that gets rid of alot of the frizz. I tried using the Suave Healthy Curls mousse stuff, but it seemed to do NOTHING for me. I just got some serious 80's hair, haha.
    My hair is pretty dang thick, but since it got razored I have a lot less weight on it, so I have no idea what to do without that extra weight.
    Nahh thanks for trying to help, my hair is just so annoying I just wanna hack it all off!
  • stubbornirishhairstubbornirishhair Registered Users Posts: 118
    It looks like you might have to wait a little bit until you can get it trimmed and get rid of the razoring. :( In the meantime though, if you can deal with having it straightish, it looks really cute and that style is very current!
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  • relentpersistxrelentpersistx Registered Users Posts: 34
    Aww thanks. Yeah, I'll just deal with straightening it every day, cuz honestly right now, it's WAY more work to leave it curly/wavy/whatever. And it's not like my hair is like OMGOODNESS curly like some of ya'll's. I really am jealous though because it's so cute.

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