Razoring? What the HECK?

relentpersistxrelentpersistx Posts: 34Registered Users
I think I'd be classified as a 2B..with a few 3A curls in random spots.
I used to only have to just...put some scrunching crap and in and just run out the door. It'd form like this:

And then a week ago, I got my hair razored. It looks REALLY good when it's straight. And it doesn't take THAT long for me to straighten it, but dangit, I really like my waves/curls ;[


And now it won't do it's thing anymore. I don't know WHAT is wrong with my hair, but no matter what I do, it has NO volume, no..even-ness everywhere..it just hangs there.
Does this have to do with the razoring?
What can I DO? Products? Something? GAWD!
Btw, everyone has such AMAZING curls, I'm so jealous!

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