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hoppipoppihoppipoppi Posts: 2Registered Users
hello, so im really new here, as of 5 min ago haha.

well basically as a kid i had beautiful, springy, defined curls and around the time puberty hit they just...
*poof* vanished.
now im left with hair that lays flat at the top but has a slight wave at the bottom.
i recently bought some products from jessicurl but they don't seem to be helping any.
i just want my curls back D':
does anybody recommend any shampoos/conditioners, styling products, routines, anything?


  • NyloracNylorac Posts: 129Registered Users
    If you start doing the CG process, I am sure you will see some if not all of that curliness return. I always flat ironed my hair or did something to it to fight the curls, so I had not idea what my hair could do. After starting CG, I am amazed at my hair!! I never knew my hair could be so curly and wavy. I will say that it took almost 2 weeks of doing it before I saw any difference, so don't get frustrated if you don't see strong results at first.
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    Done experimenting.
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  • hoppipoppihoppipoppi Posts: 2Registered Users
    i will definitely try that, thanks! [:
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    The hormones of puberty can change the texture of your hair. I had straight hair before puberty. So, it may be possible to never get the same texture back that you had as a child.
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