Stuck..should i or should i not ?

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Hi! Im new to the site , I heard about this website a long time ago from my friend and just got around to checking it out ! First off id like to say all the women on this website are inspiring , ive never really put so much thought into how i treated my hair ive always let my hair stylist do its job lol ! but anyways umm...I have been relaxed since the age of 8 , my mom's dumb idea i know ... well since then curly has been a nono until i hit 13 i stopped relaxing my hair for about 2 years , i couldnt take it anymore & decided to relax again ...only difference is i now relax with a KIDS relaxer , a very soft one... i love that it still leaves my hair curly , but i am able to make it straight when i want too...I reallly really am determined to try nd completely go natural , but im not sure i can live without being able to straighten my hair smooth and silky .. dont get me wrong i LOVE MY CURLS i just like having the flexibility of making my hair straight when i want too , right now id say my hair is about 3b-3c nd naturally i think id be a 4a because when my roots start groing my curls r really really curly kinda like springy , someone help me give me your 2 cents on what u think is best for me ! Much appreciated , & here are some pics of my hair.....

That's my hair how it looks when it is curly

This is how my hair looks semi straightened...

OH & BTW i forgot to mention on top of my relaxers my hair has been processed with color many times! , Ouch i know =/ lol
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    The decision to go natural is really a personal one. I think most of the ladies on NaturallyCurly chose to go natural for their own reasoning and despite what others had to say about it. If you get satisfaction from what your hair is able to do with a kiddie relaxer, then you are already happy with your choice to relax.

    I have to say that naturally curly hair depending on the texture is just as versatile as one that is chemically altered. Your hair looks like it would give you that option in its natural state.

    When I was relaxing (right now I'm transitioning) I loved it because it was easy, I hated it because my hair was flat (I have fine hair) and constantly breaking. I wanted to go back natural.

    Sorry for the long thesis, but my point is...what do you want to do? If you want to transition, you are at the right sight. We all are supportive of each other, sharing our experiences and insights.:wav:
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    Hi NatNat!

    I undertstand your hesitation.

    Please know that you can always press your hair or go to a Dominican salon for a really straight style.

    For me once I got used to the look of my hair, I really didn't feel the need to go back to the straight look.

    I love standing out from the crowd :joker:
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    Hi Nat. First of all, you wear both curly and straight styles well. Your hair is beautiful. Sounds like you have the best of both worlds already. Whatever you decided to do, I think it's important to have healthy hair and that you are happy with it. Good luck.
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