a bewildered newbie seeking routine help

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:confused: here i am!!! a newbie wavy (formerly anniewoodfin) who is about to ramble on........i'm very overwhelmed and not sure where to start. i've been cg/mod cg for about 5-6 weeks now. i think i'm a mix of mostly 2c with some 2b and 3a. my hair is about shoulder-length. it's driving me crazy trying to figure out what products to use, how often to wash, how to wash (whether to no-poo or low-poo), what kind of conditioner, whether to use a leave-in and so on. one day my hair seems really dry and "full". the next limp, greasy and frizzy.

right now i'm co-washing every other day or so with some flavor of v05 or burt's bees grapefruit conditioner. i broke down and did a low-poo today since the roots were so flat and greasy-feeling. i was no-poo for 2 weeks prior to this. also typically do a honey rinse and don't fully rinse out the vo5 or bb conditioners. products are homemade fsg with la looks curl gel or herbal essences set me up gel applied over the fsg or one of the gels without the fsg. i plop for 20-30 minutes, clip with banana clips, air dry a bit then carefully *pixiecurl* diffuse. oh yeah, and a weekly avc rinse. i'm sure i've forgotten something:lol:

so to sum up, i'm feeling really lost. not understanding my hair, what to expect from it, why it feels greasy one day and dry the next. in fact, i'm feeling so lost, i don't know what questions to ask. finding a routine that works is overwhelming. any and all advice is welcomed!!!

on the bright side, i'm liking my hair so much better since going cg/mod cg. :toothy8:

and i promise, promise, promise to post pics soon!!


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    I'm still in the learning process too. But just wanted to add a few things I've learned from this sight.
    Wavys are supposed to low-poo at least twice a week. so that might be your problem???
    I have the BB conditioner you are talking about and I have heard a lot of people on here say they don't like it.... and to be honest , I don't think it has a done anything for me.
    Also, do you have fine hair? I've been told fine haired wavys do not need a leave-in after every poo, or co-wash.
    have you tried a DT pr protein treatment? Not sure if that is the problem. I did a protein treatment this week that consisted of egg, oil and vinegar. And i'm pretty sure there are homemade DT too.
    I totally here you about trying to figure it all out. For me, a product might work one day and the next be a total bust. So i have been rotating more products in. And like other have said, it is about trial and error. A very expensive trial and error:-?
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    I am a wavy that very rarely low poos and have no problems. I do shampoo bar and ACV almost every week though. When I started CG I cowashed every day then dropped down to every two and now I'm every 3. I still usually condish every day as second day hair is really hit or miss for me.

    You aren't using a second thicker conditioner as your rinse out and that could be the first problem. I recommend GVP conditioning balm from Sally's or LVPNG. I suggest rinsing it all out and then using your VO5 as a leave-in that way you are sure that your leave-in is evenly distributed. I guess to make it easier I'll write a basic routine step by step.

    1. Cowash w/VO5 really using your fingertips to massage your scalp
    2. Apply thicker condish, detangle with fingers or wide toothed comb, rinse out completely
    3. Honey rinse and scrunch in. I use 1tsp honey with 1cup water and I don't rinse it out
    4. Scrunch in some VO5 for your leave-in
    5. Scrunch in your FSG and gel
    6. Plop
    7. Clip and pixiecurl diffuse

    HTH. Let us know how it goes or if you have any more questions.
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    yay! thanks girls!
    i'd say my hair is fine-to-meduim. the finer hair and looser curls/waves are in much of the canopy. probably the reason for frizz? there are actually a few spots underneath that are probably 3b or 3c. i'll try the protein DT and the thicker condtitioner. you're probably right about me needing to lo poo more often (or maybe i'll try that shampoo bar........i'm already getting sucked into the pj world:laughing1:).

    what good ideas and reminders. this truly is trial and error kinda deal.:-?
  • wavy wonderwavy wonder Posts: 3,061Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    so you condish with GVP conditioning balm every day? or is this something you use once a week???
  • Jess the MessJess the Mess Posts: 5,844Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    so you condish with GVP conditioning balm every day? or is this something you use once a week???
    I use it 3-4 times a week or so. The other days I use Giovanni 50:50 condish, Bed Head Moisture Maniac, and if I need a good shot of protein I'll break out the LVPNG. I can use the GVP pretty regularly as a rinse out but not as a leave-in...I'll get OCd. It's too rich for some but I still love it more than anything else I've used.
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    thanks Jess!!
  • wavyannawavyanna Posts: 26Registered Users
    here are some of those pics i promised. they're pre-cg, 4-5 months ago. my hair is longer now, and looking healthier, but they're a pretty good representation of my hair type. what's with that ringlet in the front? my hair is a major mix of textures.

    (pw: hairhairhair)

    what do ya think?
  • wavyannawavyanna Posts: 26Registered Users
    oops, i need to start a new thread
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    I thought I would offer my current routine since my hair may be somewhat similar to yours. I think it's around 2b, fine to medium, a bit longer than shoulder-length.

    I co-wash every day that I don't low poo. I low poo every third day. I'm probably still transitioning but so far I've been experiencing the greasiness of my scalp/roots on the third day decreasing over time (perhaps my scalp adjusting to no sulfate stripping and kicking out less sebum). The last third day it was quite greasy at the roots, this third day (today) only slightly. When I only water washed though, my hair felt greasier all over. I'd suggest you try co-washing daily and see if that gives you less fluctuation between dry and greasy.

    I usually do use a leave-in, sometimes just a little bit of Suave Naturals, sometimes a spray-in conditioner. On the days I co-wash I do not use the Giovanni 50:50, I only use that on the low-poo day and I rinse it all out. I suspect the heavier conditioner over the co-wash might be too much for my hair since it's on the finer side, I haven't tried ti though.

    The products I've been using since going mod-CG are in my sig. Good luck.
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