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I'm growing out my hair, and I love the feeling of wearing it in a little puff with a wide headband. But no matter what I try the headband slips back towards the center of my head. I want it to sit on my hairline all along the edges...

Does anyone have any tips for me? It only happens when I wear the stretchy ones, wide or narrow. If I tie a scarf on, no problem. Maybe the stretchy ones are too tight? I even tried the 'no-slip' by Goody and it slipped right up there within 2 minutes. :-?

I know I could buy another scarf, but I mostly wanted to know if it was just me, or if someone else has dealt with this and found a solution. Thanks for looking.
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    It sounds like they are too tight.Most headbands available in the stores are made too small for me. That goes for hats as well. I've been making some real quick headbands lately out of fat quarter quilting fabrics from the fabric store. The color and pattern variety is endless, and cheap. They are not really square, but you can fold them roughly into a triangle, fold them to you desired width, tuck in the raw edges,and tie to fit your head. Since the headband is folded, you can anchor it with a bobby pin or two if need be, and hide the pin in the fold.
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    I have the same problem, and it's only with the elastic ones. I've just resigned myself to making my own, out of bandannas, scarves, pieces of fabric etc. I think it's because my head must be an odd shape! LOL!
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    Ah, me too. I wear them mostly at work (and did when my hair was longer too) and they always move. I keep them in the right position with barrette clips (small colored or black ones aren't so noticeable). I have a weird hairline that I like to hide with those headbands- never thought of making my own, that's a great idea!

    Do you ladies who make your own put elastic in them or just tie them in the back?
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    i have the same problem. i am transitioning out my colored hair, and wanted them to hide the gray coming in. i've been searching for bigger headbands. you can tell by holding them up, there are a rare few here and there that are clearly larger.
    i was able to find two in rite aid!! and they stay at the hairline.
    maybe measure the ones you have that are too small, so when you are out and about you know how long a good headband should be to fit you. otherwise, i guess making your own or using scarfs is the solution.

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    Perhaps you could use bobby pins, and pin the headband to your hair? Thats what I do sometimes, and it seems to work for me.
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    ok so i thought I was the only one that this happened too. There was a huge rage in my early high school years for headbands, all my friends wore gorgeous ones to school and they'd sit just fine, all day. If I ever tried to wear one.. I'd be tugging and pulling it down all day trying to get it to stay in place. Such a pain!

    I've even tried bobby pinning the head bands to my hair only to find the head band to pull out the bobby pins!!

    my hair is really short now (growing out a buzz cut) and I found when it was shorter and even now I can wear ballerina bands just fine, they don't seem to move like they use to? So maybe length has something to do with it?? I'm really not sure.

    like the gum:
    great idea! i use to make them for myself when I was younger. I have some knitted ones too for the winter months... that reminds me I did have a gorgeous cable pattern for a knitted one I should try!!
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    it might not be super good for the hair, but i like to spray my hair with strong hold hairspray, and put on the headband while it's still wet. that seems to glue the band in place all day.
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    rachel_bo wrote: »
    it might not be super good for the hair, but i like to spray my hair with strong hold hairspray, and put on the headband while it's still wet. that seems to glue the band in place all day.

    interesting concept
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    this reply may be off topic but it may help someone. I stretch my bands. I hammered a nail in the wall accros from my bathroom doornob (about 3 feet away from each other) and leave te head beand there to stretch for 10 minutes and then I double th headband up and put on my head line near me edges and it holds on all day! no headache either
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    so I too am looking for a decent headband - I find thicker ones help as I'm trying to grow out this really weird shape I have going on - 1/2 bob, 1/2 I don't know what!
    I did find - she has some pretty stuff! just ordered two .... we'll see how they work!
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