Metal clips and fine hair...frustrated

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Are their any other 3a/2b's with fine hair out there who have had trouble using metal clips? I put them in and they fall down? Any suggestions?


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    I don't use them often but I don't have a problem with them falling out. I can't describe how I put them in but if you go to the Curlisto website and look at the videos, I clip pretty much like that. So instead of flat side of the clip resting directly on my scalp, I put it in sideways with the edge of the clip against my scalp.

    There's another method which is almost like making a pincurl, shellynot did a video on it a while back, that I've also used and no problems with the clips falling out.

    Shellynot thread
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    Are their any other 3a/2b's with fine hair out there who have had trouble using metal clips? I put them in and they fall down? Any suggestions?

    Yes, I am having the same problem, so I'll have to watch this thread to see if others have some good ideas. Those metal curl clips are a bit heavy for my hair too. Has anyone tried the plastic DevaClips? Kind of pricy, but it would be worth it if they'd do the trick!

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    I have trouble with the little metal clips sliding out of my hair. It's like my hair is too slippery, and even when I think I get them in there good, 5 minutes later they're down around my ears!

    I've had better luck with the plastic Deva clips I bought at the salon I go to. They do seem to stay in my hair better. But, I also notice they break...I've broken two of them in the past few months, and it's not because I've tried to clip too much hair with them. My hair is pretty thin, so I know that's not the's a quality thing.
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    I have trouble with metal clips or barrettes that are too heavy. They tend to slide out or down from my hair.
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    A stylist I went to suggested that I put the metal clips in like clothes pins and they fall straight down. I have been trying to let my hair dry a bit and then put in the clips. It helps a little and then in 5 min they fall down again. I am going to watch the video--thanks.
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    I actually just use the long metal clips and slide each side down the side of part and then close it. I use two of these clips both on my part. One near the back and one for the middle to front. By doing it this way it gets all my hair along my part. I diffuse for about 5 minutes right near the top of my head and around the clips. Then I take them out and diffuse upside down. I have found this solves the problem of trying to clip a section of hair and also having them tip and/or slide down. These also do not get all tangled in my hair like the small ones do when they tip over.

    These are the ones I use:

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