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I'm not actually naturally curly... I had a perm over a year ago and to my surprise no one can tell as my hair is naturally wavy. I wouldn't push it into being a curl but I would say it's 2a. Tomorrow I am having my hair cut - not shirt but trimmed and layered to give my waves sound bounce and to also remove my old permy curls. Kinda scared folks! I know that it wouldn't be wise to maintain the hair product I have used for 2 years now - Boots Curl Creme as I think it's far too heavy and greasy and will for sure weigh down my hair once the curlier curls are chopped off. How about gel? What do you suggest? I use shampoo roughly 2/3 times a week and condition everyday - I don't like to get too hooked on my hair. Anyway here's a recent picture of me and my barnet... Soon to be chopped off to reveal my natural self. What 'cheap' available in supermarket type products do you suggest I use when my hair is transformed into a true 2a?
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    Welcome and I love your user name! My cheap drugstore gel favorite is Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel in the red tube. And Suave Naturals Lavender conditioner. I'm sure other will have more ideas.
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