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Any Australian/ New Zealand curlies?

is anyone here from Australia or New Zealand?

i live in Christchurch, NZ and as im still new to this im looking for some good products. a lot of products i hear about aren't available to me, i don't think. so any product advice would be great :)

and does anyone in New Zealand know of a good place i can get a hair cut?


  • StarmieStarmie Posts: 6,756Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    There's a few Aussies around, but we're not prolific posters on the whole! Not sure there's any NZers here.

    If you have a look on the Aussie swap board you'll see references to different products, have a look through there and see if there's anything that's available in NZ.
    3b in South Australia.
  • kazza186kazza186 Posts: 87Registered Users

    I am a fellow kiwi, from chch too even!!
    Although, I have to admit, Im living in UK at the moment.
    But I will be back to chch one day, so hopefully then I can harass you for all the products and stylists you have found. Haha!
    Im not looking forward to trying to get decent products back there, it must be a night mare!!
    And dont even get me started on trying to find a stylist in chch!! I feel for you, I really do!!
    Anway, I realise this has been NO help what so ever!! Sorry! But, at least I am a fellow kiwi right? :)
    nz cg
    2a/fine/medium porous/NO elasticity/medium
    co-wash: ???
    rinse-out: ????
    HG combo: Boots curl cream, BB's fsg

  • foxthegoldfishfoxthegoldfish Posts: 14Registered Users
    YAY another Kiwi :)

    yea there are not many products around but oh well, maybe i should make my own

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