Help me with my step-daughter's hair!

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Sooo...I will be taking care of my two step daughters this summer as well as my own daughter. step daughter #1 has 4b hair, step daughter #2 has 3b (like mine) and my daughter has type 1.

I had this plan this summer to repair and restore the 4b's hair because it was really damaged and just poorly taken care my plans have been thrown a curve ball. I just found out that her mother put a perm in her hair. :eek:
She's 7 years old. We don't plan on keeping up with the perm so we are letting it grow out.

Can someone give me some tips?
I'm freaking out lol.

Also I have no clue how to do any fancy braiding so if anyone can point in the right direction in regards to that too, it would be greatly appreciated!


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    wow I can't believe she put a perm in her hair at such a young age! Well I would use some protein treatments followed by moisturizing deep treatments hopefully she's not too sensitive to protein treatments. You can use Aphogee 2 Minute Intensive Reconstructor. If you're not familiar with braiding go onto YouTube and look up natural hairstyles such as two strand twists, bantu knots something that's low manipulation so you don't feel the need to apply heat to her hair in order to maintain the straight look. The twists and knots are not too difficult it can also be used on 3b textures as well. Seeing as you only have her for the summer and you're not going to keep up with the relaxing just be prepared for her to give her a touch up as soon as she gets to her mothers house (keeping fingers crossed she doesn't) But just keep on with the plan you originally had. I'm not quite sure about throwing braids in her hair it's already damaged and you don't need her to get any traction hair loss because sometimes braiders braid hair a little too tight causing peoples hair lines to end way the heck back. But I'm sure you'll do a great job with her. Good Luck!
  • JenNii23JenNii23 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thanks so much!

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