Donna Marie on ebay from $8

Emma2009Emma2009 Registered Users Posts: 14

I sold my DM to a girl in the US through ebay -however, the postage ended up being $60 :sad3: so I told her to buy it from the US (you'll see we left each other feedback).

I've put the products on at $8.


  • Martian MumMartian Mum Registered Users Posts: 18
    $60 for postage to US, ouch... highway robbery!
  • Emma2009Emma2009 Registered Users Posts: 14
    I know - it was ridiculous.
    She was a lovely buyer - I don't think she knew you could buy Donna Marie in the US with much less postage. I didn't want her spending all her birthday money (she told me that) on postage so I just suggesteed we leave each other good feedback and she buy it in the US.
    Bit of a pain for me as I had an Aussie bidder too but when i contacted her for a second chance offer she didn't get back to me.
  • rach427rach427 Registered Users Posts: 27
    Hi! I would be interested, but i live in New Zealand. Do you by any chance know how much it would cost to ship to NZ? If not that is ok :)
  • Emma2009Emma2009 Registered Users Posts: 14
    I checked on Aus Post's site - it seems like it'll be $25 (Aus). I only ever charge the buyer what it costs me so if it less then I'll refund your paypal account.
  • rach427rach427 Registered Users Posts: 27
    Thanks :) I will think about it ...
  • curlywurlygurlycurlywurlygurly Registered Users Posts: 1,180
    emma is it $8 just for the aloe jelly??

    I so shouldnt have looked at the your ebay add!!

    I really dont need any more hair products, I already have way too many and so little hair still haha!! silly me!
    2 something Australian :toothy4:

    Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.

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