Need Product Rec's: Best Wavy Products for Under $10???

ConcernedCoilsConcernedCoils Posts: 106Registered Users
Trying to get a handle on solid products for under $10/dollars that have HG potential. Please list your favorites!

Deep Conditioners andReconstructors
Spray gels
Other Stylers...

Thanks so much!
co-washing with any Aubrey Organics product
Olive Oil +/under leave-in for super soft hair!
Whipped Karite/Shea or Avocado butter leave-in
Also lots of water, pilates and meditation


  • BeachBlondeWavieBeachBlondeWavie Posts: 159Registered Users
    a great cheapier leave in is the pantene hydra curls revive treatment it makes hair really soft & defined. the pantene curls mousse works well also.

    the dove curl defining cream also brings good defintion to wavy hair and its cheap

    garnier fructis soft curl cream is another great cream for wavies
    2C blonde long hair

    •ojon + curls
    •goal: to grow my hair to my waist!

    •hair timeline:
    -last cut [email protected] devachan by jeff
    -colored 3.6.07
    -trimmed on 10.1
    -softened @ ouidad 10.20
  • meegsmeegs Posts: 354Registered Users

    Shampoo & Conditioner: I have used Elucence poo & condish ($8 each per bottle, I believe), but I'm not the world's biggest fan. It's not bad, though. Neither my current shampoo nor my current condish are under $10.

    Leave-in: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine leave-in. Turned onto that one by!

    DTs: Eh. Perpetually on a search for a good one.

    Styling products: I *heart* Biosilk RHG, which I think is right about $10. I've been using the generic knock-off (not the Suave knock-off, though I plan to try that as well) of PM super sculpt recently ($5ish, I think), but not long enough to pronounce it an HG or anything. HEHDG isn't bad either, but I am waiting to see if the alleged replacement from the new line performs well. Garnier Fructis hairspray (OK, so I spritz a little on every now and then--so sue me! :lol: ) does the job pretty well.

    The only type of product that seems to be hard to find good but cheap is curl enhancers/boosters. I mostly use Aveda Be Curly and [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink] for those.
    2b-ish--embracing my waves this summer
    Aussie Catch the Wave condish, L'Oreal NutriGloss condish; Nexxus Designing Texxtur Cream, Rusk Radical Creme, Pantene Curl Defining Mousse, Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam; coconut oil for DTs
  • superrach3superrach3 Posts: 40Registered Users
    for conditioner, leave-in, and styler, i vote...drumroll please....honey!
    shoulder length 2Cmii
    products: curl keeper, angell, redken fresh curls s&c

    pw: "wavy" for NC, "i love u" for everything else

    *avatar* adrian grenier is my hair idol, even though he's a guy.....hey, we're not sexist here!
  • OctoberBaby02OctoberBaby02 Posts: 105Registered Users
    -Elucence MB S&C
    -Regis Olive Oil conditioner
    -Garnier Super Stiff & Hard curl gels, Surf Paste and spray, & Soft Curl Cream
    -Suave Naturals conditioners
    -Vo5 conditioners

    These are all great products for a great price. Elucence is a major HG for me. I also love the Regis OO. Garnier makes great styling products, and the Suave and Vo5 conditioners are nice for CO washing and light moisture. HTH :)
    |~*~Carly~*~ |24 yrs old|Type 2C hair|
  • stubbornirishhairstubbornirishhair Posts: 118Registered Users
    Suave Naturals conditioners
    Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo (around $7)
    Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo
    Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Conditioner
    Giovanni Leave In conditioner

    Those are my votes!
    2B wavy thick hair
    Fia=2a M iii
    modified CG since 1/12/06
  • rats-tailsrats-tails Posts: 12Registered Users
    Hi Octoberbaby02

    Are all Vo5 conditioners good or just some?

    It's something I can get here (in China), but I'm pretty sure I've tried and I got straight, dry hair.

    Can you recommend one?

    Thanks, Ratty
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    Hope you don't mind my butting in here. :)

    I only use VO5 CO's i.e. Tea Therapy, Free Me Freesia and Sunkissed Raspberry (which I'm thinking of cutting out because I don't like the smell). I also use the Kiwi & Lime (when I can find it) on occasion as a clarifying agent. I think it would be drying to use it daily.

    CO wash-Vo5 Kiwi Lime
    Regular CO-Tresemme Naturals Silicone Free
    Deep CO-Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

    Shampoo-Jhirmack Silver Plus Ageless once a week
    Cream-Garnier Fructis Sleek $ Shine Leave-In Conditioning
    Gels-LA Looks Sport

    Going silver-last hair color 4/10/15
  • luvmeluvme Posts: 19Registered Users
    I am loving Elucence S&C at this time.
    2a/b below the shoulder length
  • californiawavescaliforniawaves Posts: 55Registered Users
    Best styling product under $10 is Boots Curling Cream! Love this stuff!
    2c with some 3a thrown in for fun!
  • frizzbombfrizzbomb Posts: 56Registered Users
    These are all under $5:

    Trader Joe's Conditioners - Refresh and Nourish ( I like them both, even mixed together)

    Herbal Essences Set Me Up and Totally Twisted Gels

    Still under $10:

    Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Shampoo (non-sulfate)

    Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Treatment (this might be $9.99 actually)
    Extremely fine 2b/3a. My frizz has tamed considerably but, I still have my "moments."
    Currently liking:
    TJs Nourish, Set Me Up, Curl Keeper and Curl Junkie Hibiscus and Banana deep fix.

    password: wavy
  • cornflower5cornflower5 Posts: 30Registered Users
    I like HE Totally Twisted Mousse. I haven't used mousse since Middle School and a couple weeks ago, after 25 years, I tried mousse again. Great hair. Every Day. I use it with poo and the HE Totally Twisted condish and a dab of HE "the break is over" leave-in. These products are cheap and good, but their names are stupid. :roll:

    I also second the Trader Joe's Refresh Condish. It has citrus oil so I can't use it with my color treated hair, but it's good stuff.
    Back on sulfates and cones! HE TTwisted Condish, HE Color Me poo, Curls Spiral Curl Cream, sometimes Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier.
  • cunninghamaircunninghamair Posts: 178Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Elucence shampoo & conditioner. Jessicurl on sale!
    Modified CG since 9/03. 2B/3A. JESSICURL!!! Gentle Poo, Aloeba, Gelebration, Awe; or Mop Top Poo & Condish; Curlisto Mousse & Gel I. Winter: Elucence MB Clarify, Shampoo & Conditioner. ACV & honey rinses. Plop & Pixiecurl diffuse. Password: curls

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