I need serious help

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I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I've done so much research about transition, but I'm so frustrated, I think I am strating to listen to my mom.

Is it true that after a relaxer that your hair will never ever come back the same? Even if I've only had a relaxer for a year and half?

I think what my mom is coming at is that once you relax your ahir, your head is forever doomed and the hair will come back worse, and the only way to combat this is to relax.

And I've transition for about 5 months. The hair is super course and wiry. I'm not sure whether this is "scab hair" or if this is actual.

Can someone help me differentiate fact from fiction. Is the tough hair scab hair or is my hair forever changed.

I know this can't be true that the effects of relaxing your hair for a short time can damged and drastically change the texture of your hair.

Please give me some words of wisdom.


  • desert flowerdesert flower Posts: 188Registered Users
    I hate to tell anyone not to believe their mom, but...

    I have had relaxers and transitioned a couple of times since my teenage years and my new hair always come back normally. It is not doomed forever.

    Now, that being said, the wiry hair you are dealing with could be a result of many things:

    1. Scab hair - there is discussion over whether this is real or not but I have friends who said that regular scalp massages (with coconut oil) helped to heal their follicles.

    2. You have forgotten what your hair looked like or you are comparing it to the straight hair so it seems extra different.

    3. You have forgotten how to treat your natural hair and which products and techniques to use. This is what happens to me!! I treat all my hair as straight hair and then wonder why my curly hair is freaking out.

    4. A bunch of other things that I haven't thought of...

    I think your hair will seem healthier as it continues to grow and you can see more and more of it!

    Good luck!!
  • rosagracilarosagracila Posts: 16Registered Users
    Hi Amore,

    I've only been transitioning for 2 months, but I've transitioned for longer periods in the past and as of late, I've been doing LOTS of research on the process.

    Based on what I've learned here are my thoughts on your questions along with some sources for you to look into:

    I would say that, in general, it is not true that after a relaxer your hair will never come back the same. Obviously, the hair that has been relaxed is permanently changed due to protein breakdown. However, the texture of your new growth will most likely come back to what it was, although it's important to keep in mind that there are possible residual effects of the relaxer on the follicle if it's been applied to the scalp. From personal experience and research these effects (scab hair) are most visible in the first 3 inches of new growth.

    You say that you've only had a relaxer for a year and a half, so surely you remember your natural texture pre-relaxer. Is your current texture markedly different in texture or health?

    Desert Flower brings up a good point - how are you treating your new growth? I think it would be helpful to evaluate your current regimen and the state of your hair when wet. See this article on evaluating protein and moisture.

    For more info on scab hair, please see these threads discussing other transitioners' experiences with the issue.

    Hope this helps!

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