did Whole Foods 365 conditioner change their formula?

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did anyone else notice Whole Foods 365 conditioner suddenly acting completely different the past month or so? I wonder if they changed their formula.
It used to always leave my hair squeaky clean but now it leaves a lot more slip in my hair (and I actually can't use it for co-washing any more because my hair just doesn't get clean enough). Now I'm using it to dilute low poo and also to dilute heavier conditioner... that seems to work well.


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    I have a bottle that I've had for quite awhile (maybe 6-8 months) and it's almost empty so I bought a new bottle a few weeks ago. I just checked the ingredients and both bottles are identical. I guess the difference is all in your head! :laughing2:

    I like the idea of using it to dilute a heavier conditioner...I may have to try that!
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