Cross-Post: Removing oils and Beeswax- Any advice?

So 3 questions...I use only natural products, so keep that in mind.

I have been interested in some products that contain beeswax like Darcy's Botanicals. The beeswax is low in the ingredients list. After using the products how do I remove beewax? From hair and skin?

I just get this awful flashback to when I used a beewax product, it wasn't all beeswax (added junk) like most products in the "ethnic aisle". And I put quite a bit on my hair and I had build up on my body and uck it was disgusting.

The more oil CO's I use( on my hair in the shower) I get gunky junk under my nails...especially if I peel my neck in the shower, (I know this is gross but it has probably happened to you guys too) After sometime it builds up and causes my skin to look a bit ruddy and ashy yet oily/ do I remove it without harsh ingredients from my skin and hair?

Do any of you wash your hair in the sink or bend forward and wash that way? does it help?
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    I cowashed for six months. When I started to use the natural soap bars to cleanse, my curls tightened and my volume increased. It's stayed that way since September. Although they are very mild (much milder than Dairy Whip or lowpoo) I suspect that they remove the "residual leftovers" from the CG products--I use a lot of heavy products with oils and butters.
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