Product to relax curls?

Hey! As you know, I recently cut my hair (and shared pics with you). Well today I straightened my hair and I was surprised at how long it was because when it is curly its at shoulder length and straight it's halfway down my back! I didn't know my hair could curl up that much! I really miss my longer hair, I was wondering if there is a product that relaxes the curls so they aren't so tight? Then my hair would appear longer as it is. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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    well most products out there are not wanting to relax the curls. I know where I live they have a special section for those who have kinky curls. If there is a place that has that I would check there because they probably have a product that will relax those curls. Also you could go to a stylist and ask them. I think that is about all I can really come up with. I know it's not too much help.
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    Depending on just how much you want to relax it... I've found that using Garnier Fructis sleek N shine fortifying conditioner, either as a rinse out or a leave in, tends to elongate my curls quite a bit. You might give that a try. It's CG with no cones.
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