Getting my hair trimmed..dry or wet?

Okay so I'm getting a trim next week. I am really paranoid about my hair and when I get it trimmed I am always scared that they will cut too much. I was wondering if it's bad to have them cut my hair dry? When it's wet I think they tend to cut more off and then it shrinks up to super tight curls and I'm trying to grow mine out and boy has it been a battle!


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    If your stylist is not "trained" in cutting curly hair dry, you could end up with issues. There are lots of us who get our hair cut wet and are very happy with the cuts. The issue is whether the stylist takes into account the fact that curly hair "shrinks" when dry.
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    oh gosh.

    Well I will get it cut wet and tell them that my hair shrinks a lot after it's cut and I'm trying to keep as much length as possible. I'm always afraid of this but I do need those pesky split ends taken care of.
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    Especially if you're getting it cut wet, I would say be very clear with your stylist, tell them you want only a trim, you're growing it out, only trim off the split ends, show them the length you want taken off (i.e., pick up a strand of hair and show them how much you want off). If they don't seem to listen or get it, leave without getting a haircut!

    I've been trimming my hair using the dry method and hope to try getting it done by a Deva-trained stylist. They are the ones who know how to do the dry cut method. You can find them on the Deva site. Click on "Find a Salon", and/or look on for reviews.

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    You'll hear the good and bad of both ways. I personally would never let anyone cut my hair wet, but lots of people have great wet cuts.
    Make your needs clear to the stylist and good luck!
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    I think that dry cutting gives the least surprises & best results.

    I cut my daughters type 3 hair wet and the shrinkage difference even threw me off. I should've known better being a shrinky queen t4.

    I guess it also depends on your curl/wave and how short of a look you'll be happy with?
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