Two questions! Oils & Giovanni's Tea Tree Line

Hi all,

So I just went out and bought the Giovanni stuff, all ready to begin my modified CG routine.
But then I was looking at it again today and it lists one of it's ingredients as

C12 14 Olefin Sulfonate (Coconut Derived)

Is this safe? Or is this considered a sulfate?

Also, will oils not build up in my hair? I'm talking specifically about the peppermint & lanolin etc. oils that are in some of my products (which are otherwise CG friendly).



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    There are two ways to search the answer to this: either type Olefin Sulfonate into the google search function at the top of the page or use the search function on the orange bar and go to "advanced search and type in the same. I usually do "thread title." There is a lot of discussion about olefin sulfate.

    Lanolin is difficult to remove, it's what keeps sheep "dry." Vegetable oils are not so difficult. Once again, it's been discussed previously and you'll find more if you search.
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