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hi everyone! i'm new to posting, but not to the boards. i can't believe how many things i've learned just by looking at posts! you all are so helpful! i'm also really excited about the new "2" board, it's a great addition to the boards! anyway...moving on from my rant...i have a couple-inches-past-the-shoulders-mess on my head! some days it has nice, maybe 2b waves, other days its a mess of frizz! the humidity is killing it, esspecially when i go back to charleston in july (i got to COFC and am going back to take a summer class) and am in need some product reccomendations. I used to use One C and think I am going to go back to it. I've heard great things about low poo, any other low/no sulfate shampoo recs? For styling i've been having good luck with RR, but was wondering if anyone reccomends any other curl enhancers and a gel. I use one by Euophora (the firm hold), and I like it, but the PJ in me wants to try something new. By the way, I never hear it talked about on here, but the Eurphora line is great! Their moisturizing shampoo always makes my hair so soft and is really moisturizing! Anyway, i'd really appreciate any reccomendations and i'm so sorry the post is so long! Thanks again!


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