2nd Day Hair+Shower

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How do you guys who wash your hair at night or for 2nd day hair keep your hair from getting messed up in the shower? It's fine for me if I am doing a ponytail because then I just do it before my shower but if I want it out or a different style it gets frizzy in the shower, I can apply product but I want to know what you guys do.
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    I use a shower cap; works fine.
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    I keep my hair in the pineapple from the night before and stick a shower cap over the pineapple. It doesn't really fit over my whole head but I always have to re-do the bangs anyway so I don't mind them sticking out.
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    msgiblet wrote: »
    I use a shower cap; works fine.

    I do too. I flip my head over then put the shower cap on. Works great! :)
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