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My hair has some decent curl in it now that the weather has turned more humid here in MD. My hair is thick but fine and flattens/flops easily. I need some recommendations for styling mousse or gels that help keep curl. Also, getting some frizzy look on top of head. I am finding that even at hfs alot of products have cones in them :( I need a good shampoo/cond that won't make my hair floppy. Was using Avalon but now see it has cones :( I can also go to Whole Foods to get stuff although my hair did not like the John Masters products. Would the Jane Carter be too heavy for my hair? anneh

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    I have not tried Jane Carter. My Whole Foods carries the Kinky Curly line and the Aubrey Organics Brand.
    Kinkey Curly is a great line. From Aubry Organics you have serveral options.
    B-5 design gel that many CG use as a staple.
    Mandarin Magic Ginkgo Leaf & Ginseng Root Jelly
    Several conditioners including AOHR (very popular)
    I have tried AOHR and it a great conditioner but it is too heavy for me to use every day, even as a rinse out. Whole food also caries the Giovani conditioners.

    Flax seed gel is also very popular as a more natural option for a styling product. You can buy the seeds at WF and make your own or purchase it from BB on her Etsy.
    She makes your gelee with the additives you choose and her scents are yummy. You really could not go wrong with her stuff. She is awesome.

    Here is a review of the MM from a very good website.

    Hope this helps, I love living hear a WF. Now if Trader Joe's would move in next door:blob2:
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    I use Kinky Curly too & love it! I LOVE the Curling Custard! It calms down te frizziness of my hair, makes it shiny & it lasts all day. A little bit goes a LONG way too! This stuff lasts forever!

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