So Cozy line of products

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I need help/advice for my dd's hair - she is a 3c, 4a and 9 years old. Her hair is very long - at least mid back. SHe is not able to do her own hair yet - what age were daughters able to wash/condition/comb/style their own hair?

I have to admit - the longer it gets the hard it is for me to care for also. I have very straight hair.

I'm also wondering about the "so cozy" line of products - in particular the lucky lime pre-detangler, fruity detangler and leave-in, kiwi styling cream adn grape gel . . . . has anyone tried these? Do you know if and where I can get samples? Thank you so much!
straight-haired mommy to a curly 3c/4a (7 yr old)

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