Infusium leave-in "Maximum Body Formula"

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Okay, I'll be first to step up to the plate and offer something for other Canadians. I'm in Toronto.

I've been using Infusium products for quite a while but one day I bought the "Maximum Body Formula" by mistake. That's the LAST thing I need :P I used it ONCE and now I know that volumizing stuff really works -- too well! eek.gif

The bottle has 225 ML. It still has the plastic cap on the spritzer.

Anyway, if you want more volume and need a leave-in conditioner, I'm happy to trade it for a bottle of Rusk's Moist shampoo or something else that you might have that's good for a thick 3b head of curls.

I'm in Toronto if that's of any help.


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    Hey Pun'kin,

    I'm out in BC. Thanks for supporting the board.

    I would love to try your leave-in. I have the following products, if you are interested in doing a swap.

    Infusium 23

    Shampoo(moisturizing for normal to dry
    hair) 350ml never used

    Conditioner (maximum body for fine/thin
    hair) 350ml used 2-3 times

    Thermasilk Heat Activated Leave-In Conditioner 300ml 80% left

    Tame Shampoo- Strawberry 400ml never used

    Biolage Finishing Spritz 118ml used once

    Thicker Fuller Hair Styling Mousse 45g used once

    Theorie styling mist- Specificurl 22ml used once

    You can leave a post or e-mail me. smile.gif

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    I'm not here for the Infusium--trust me, I don't need the body tongue.gif I just wanted to ask littlefox what she thought about the Theorie spray. I just got it and I wnated to know what you thought biggrin.gif
    Thanks!! cool.gif
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    I found that the spray made my hair crunchy. But then again, I have a real problem with styling products. Most things make my hair either crunchy or greasy. So far the only thing that works fairly well is the theorie styling creme. I can feel it in my hair when I touch it, but my hair stays soft and it does a pretty good job of holding the curl, when it decides to curl that is. Hope this helps.
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    Thermasilk Heat Activated Leave-In Conditioner 300ml 80% left

    You say that's heat-activated... does that mean it requires a blow-dryer or a bonnet? Or would it work with just hot water in the shower??

    If not that one, I might be interested in your bottle of Infusium 23 shampoo that you've never used. It's the brand I used and it never hurts to have extra.

    Let me know about the Thermasilk and we'll take it from there...
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    The heat activated means that when you blow dry your hair, it works with the heat to protect your hair from the damage done by the hair dryer.
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    Ahhhh... I guess it's best to do the Infusium 23 then. I'll e-mail you directly on that.

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