Rejuvenol BKT doing this next month!

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Hi all,

I'm new here and I am going to get this treatment done next month.

I am not quite sure my hair type but it's more like this girls /home/leaving?" class="Popup but box colored blonde. Very dry and very difficult to make presentable. I need to use a lot of gel to define curl which makes it stiff curls, crunchy.

I am at my wits end with my hair and I am willing to save 100 bucks a month to do this every 3 months. I have read on this forum about these treatments and have searched tirelessly the net for before/after pictures. I find the b/a pictures right after the treatment where the hair is perfectly straight. I know that after the first wash is the real test. I am very nervous to get this done. It's a lot of money.

Can anyone who has had this done with similar hair to mine tell me how their hair turned out after the first wash? Also, if you have pix that would be encouraging too:) As well as how long you can get this treatment to last. I read somewhere on this forum (can't remember which post now), that someone made it last 9 months, by washing 1x/week with sulfate free shampoo. I would be happy with 3 to 4 months, because I will make sure I save for this.

My hair has really started to make me agoraphobic. I know this is silly to some, but when I go in the wind, rain, humidity, the unpredictability of my wild mane is scary. It's just awful. I am willing to try anything to get some freedom. If this does not work, I may cut it all off to a boys cut, just for freedom, even though I don't have the face shape for short hair.

So as you all can see by my post, i'm a bit desperate and would appreciate any advice on this treatment.

I read all the dangers about the famaldyhyde and am comfortable with the amounts used. So please no scare replys. I've read them all.

Hugs to all of you and I am so happy I found this forum!




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    Honestly I don't know much about this particular treatment but is it the same as the BTK discussed in the other threads? Take a look at those, lots of people have posted good/bad stories and even pics of their experiences.
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