Right Side Thinner than Left

YonnaYonna Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello! (I'm sure this has been discussed already, but here goes):

My R-side is thin, and this is recent (maybe like, a year ago).
I.....also like to "play" in my hair (especially when i had rollerwraps, and yes, I favored my right side). I also noticed that when I DID have wraps, that side would "seperate"... :angry2:

Can this actually cause the thinning/breakage of the hair, or could it be from wrapping it with a brush or comb? I would like to know how to make it thick like my L-side. I'm on 2 Hair, Skin +Nails vits, chlorella, and using products (ACE, Cantu, Pantene, just to name a few) to make it grow.

I'm just a little frustrated that I caused this to my hair....and just need a few pointers.:crybaby:



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