Eat Jello!

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My hairdresser gave me that tip yesterday. I have been having bad haircut after bad haircut, so it seems like my hair just keeps getting shorter and shorter from trying to fix the previous haircut! :( (hopefully i found a good stylist this time!!)
Anyway, she said the Gelatin is really good for growing. Also, any hair/skin/nail vitamin.


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    my mum said she got told something similar when she was young; she use to eat plain gelatin in hope to strengthen her nails. She said it made no difference though. Not sure what effect it had on her hair?
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    You can also take gelatin supplements too.
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    I can't bring myself to eat gelatin! Ever since I found out what it's made of, it grosses me out!
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    likethegum wrote: »
    I can't bring myself to eat gelatin! Ever since I found out what it's made of, it grosses me out!

    Me too!
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    A lady I work with has beautiful straight, shiny steel gray hair with natural streaks of white and silver. It was on the thin side. I see the back of her head every morning when I walk to my desk. One day I told her that her hair was looking thicker, what was she doing? (she and I chat about our thin hair periodically). She told me that with her diet, she started eating sugar-free Jello for snacks/treats and she thinks it's helped her hair. But it may also be that her diet in general has gotten sooo much healthier with eating more fruits and vegetables.

    I was thinking of adding gelatin caps to my supplements but haven't done it yet.
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