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im starting a work out routine and i feel like i need a reward in my mind. like when i feel like ive accomplished my weight loss, which im hoping to lose 20-30 pounds, i need a reward. i know feeling great and look good will be a great reward, but i feel i need something tangible so i can picture in my mind.
its hard to start off, going to the gym regularly.
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    Mine will be the 2 hot bikinis waiting for me to wear on my trip [hopefully] in August to Jamaica :glasses1: :cheers: :thumbup: :sunny:
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    Designer jeans are my reward. Expensive, yes, but so are the medical costs of not being fit!!! :D (um, or at least that's how I justify it!)
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    Think about what you like, and save money for it(if it costs anything : ), when you are finished with the weight loss, don't forget keeping it off rewards too. And you are absolutly right...reward yourself for your hard work.
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